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Airport Impressions have definitely left a strong impression on the local music scene. What has been the highlight if you had to choose one since the debut of the band?

It’s been 8 amazing years already and surely the adventure is still starting for real, but this year has been remarkably awesome for all four of us. We have performed at the Isle Of Mtv in front of thousands of people alongside big names such as Wiz Khalifa, Steve Aoki etc., which means so much to the band. Bringing the team together to work on such a big event is always something that remains in our heads and fuels us to pour more music out there. Scotland, in fact, is the next in line as we will be touring for 10 days there for the very first time in the life of Airport Impressions.

You have just launched your tour in Scotland which will be in September. This isn’t the first time you guys have gone abroad. Tell us more about this…

Ireland was the first ever trip out of our shores and it kind of paved the way for a lot of the songwriting that was compiled later on for the first album ‘Minutes Of A Lifetime’. The band made its debut full lineup performance in Tierp Arena, Sweden 2011 and again hit the beautiful city of Stockholm in 2013. Both were trips we can never forget! The crowd was just so rock-oriented and even during our unplugged sessions in Stockholm, the audience just kept the vibe a rampant one. ‘Hymns Of June’ took us to the stunning countryside in Haworth, West Yorkshire, England. We filmed the music video for this single in 2014 prior to the release of our album ‘Mariette’. A different experience from a live performance and a special one, since working with the British crew was phenomenal.

Obviously to the contrary of Malta, when you are abroad you are quite a relatively new name. What is the response from the crowd when you play and is it more nerve–racking to perform to a crowd that knows your songs or to a new one?

It starts off as a curious one as we are setting up, which tends to put us in the mood for the actual show as it is always so rewarding when they rock it with us from the very first song. Especially since we are new to them, yes totally. Not to mention the complete awe we are left in, when they actually do respond to our songs just as if they had heard them since they were young! ‘If You Abandon Me’, ‘Elusive’, ‘Berlin’ among others are songs that seem to get response from the majority of foreigners too and of course ending with ‘Walk With Me’ usually brings the house down. Local or foreign, the best feeling for the band is to see that the energy we create among all four of us is successfully transmitted and returned by the warm crowd.

With an EP and 2 albums under your belt now…what’s next for Airport Impressions?

September’s Scottish tour is the next stop for sure as that will bring totally new experiences for all. Songs are being written as always and new releases definitely in our sights for the future, however near or far, but at the moment we are focusing mainly on the live performances. Attaining new festivals and gigs outside of our local area is a focus we are giving much attention to for sure to keep spreading Airport Impressions’ sound and songs….

For more info on Airport Impressions and their Scotland Tour visit their facebook page:


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