New York is known as the city that never sleeps and sometimes I wonder whether it’s the same for the people behind new act ‘The Shack’. Peter Borg and Wayne Camilleri are 2 people that definitely do not need any introduction.

On their debut single ‘New York City’ they have collaborated with the multi-talented Eliza who is also part of Tribali.


So Peter and Wayne, how was the idea of ‘The Shack’ born?

A couple of casual jamming sessions in Wayne’s home studio. We met up with Eliza for a relaxed night full of music, started to write some good stuff together and figured it would be a fun new project.


New York City features Eliza, honestly I couldn’t imagine a better voice to fit into the song’s vibe, how did the collaboration come about?

New York City was one of the first tunes we started to jam with on that faithful night. It had an all-round good feeling to it and it made sense for it to be our first release.


Eliza how was it working with Peter and Wayne?

I met Wayne through Peter quite a while ago and I have always liked the guy very much. He’s an all-round good guy with a lot of talent and it is very easy to get along with him both on a professional and on a musical level. On the other hand, Peter and I have been friends since our sixth form days at St Aloysius. We have always enjoyed writing music together and New York City was no exception.  Together, Wayne and Pete make a fun team and I really enjoyed this songwriting process. I also can’t wait to work with them on a few more releases.


The music video is very fitting to the New York theme…how was it planned out?

All three of us met up with Matt and Edouard, who happen to be the guys in charge of all the Railway Studios MT music videos.  We were all on the same wavelength when it came to the theme and the general feeling we wanted to emote by means of the video. The message of the song does not in any way purport to place us in NYC per se. We wanted it to reflect the idea behind the lyrics that as individuals coming from an island like Malta we find it somewhat easier to observe the political interplay that takes place in massive cities like NYC rather objectively. The use of lights and street dance tied the two worlds together.


What does the future hold for The Shack and what are we to expect?

More good vibes, good music and a mix of great artistic characters.


If you haven’t heard it on the radio airwaves or seen the video yet (Which I doubt it) here you go….




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