15433789_1300046870052913_4095634592211108701_nThe Malta Eurovision is back……

Get ready for all the haters and lovers to blow up your social media news-feed with both praise and critique and some will be BREATHLESSLY noting every tiny detail which can be entertaining and hilarious to say the least ( Daniel Azzopardi all of Malta + Gozo loves your commentary xx ),but for now just FOLLOW ME.

This Saturday 16 hopeful and FEARLESS artists will be UNSTOPPABLE at the MFCC but there will only be one KEWKBA (Star) to shine like a LASERLIGHT.

There will be no Semi-Final this year so they won’t have to
FIGHT TO SURVIVE to get through to the final as all songs will be performed on 1 night only.

TONIGHT go online and have a listen to the songs, do your research because YOU and only you- the public – will have the vote this year. No CRAZY GAMES… SO SIMPLE right?

Who will stand out? Who will be the RAY OF LIGHT and who will be SECONDS AWAY from winning the title to FOLLOW the road to Ukraine?

P.S DON’T LOOK DOWN at your phones as there will be plenty of eye candy and BOMBSHELL’s this year to feast your eyes on- Remember guys Ira Losco will be back to launch her new single ‘We Are The Soldiers’ …obviously apart from the amazing visuals TVM will be sending through our TV screens this year.

Good luck/break a leg to all those taking part this Saturday and also to the hosts Daniel Azzopardi and Charlene Mercieca
Music is such a blessing and talent should be praised not torn apart.




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