Claudia Faniello – Malta’s very own Diva

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It’s been a long time coming for Ms.Faniello to represent Malta on the Eurovision stage, 9 times participating to be exact, but this was her year to shine.

L-Imhabba ghamja (Love is blind) they say and her Pure love for music picked her up again whenever she fell. It’s a good thing she never gave up.

Like the Blue Sonata her voice leaves an imprint like a Movie in my mind, her beauty is mesmerizing like a Caravaggio painting or a Sunrise.

Her Samsara journey will reach its pinnacle this week When it’s time to hit that stage and perform Breathlessly in front of all of Europe.

Claudia may the Diva in you be on high alert throughout this week and may your humbleness and talent keep you grounded to be the best that you can be. Make Malta proud but above all make yourself proud.

Wishing the best of luck to Claudia and all the team by her side.

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