Review: Ten08 – They dreamt it and they nailed it

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This was the third time I have watched one of Ten08’s shows and I must say that this group of artists have outdone themselves yet again.

Performances included classics from a variety of hit musicals such as Phantom of the Opera, Moulin Rouge,Lion King, Les Mis and more.

I honestly cannot praise these guys enough…

The choreography was once again in the very capable hands of Kinetic Dance Studio. Daphne and Clayton are exquisite dancers, you can see the passion on their faces when they dance and that passion for dance has surely rubbed off on the rest of the cast.

The costumes + props + visuals – Wow Wow and Wow….seriously some of the best costumes and props I have seen in local theater… from the masks for the Lion King to the Tombs for Dancing with the Vampires and the boat for Phantom…honestly I was super impressed. Whoever took care of the props deserves an award…the details were superb.

As for the cast…what can I say…talented is an understatement….all performances were acted out so well….Luca Lorenzo you definitely made an impression with those suspenders apart from your acting, Glenn Agius hilarious expressions-the tiny details make a whole lot of difference, and to all involved in the Les Miserbales section…hats off to you guys. Les Mis has got to be one of my top faves when it comes to musicals and it’s also one of those musicals that gets me all teary eyed. Iona Ghiller you were brilliant with ‘On my own’ , it’s a good thing I had waterproof mascara on 🙂

Last but not least big respect to the director Matthew Raggio….Keep his name in mind as I am sure we will be seeing great things from this guy.

As I said in the beginning of this review, I cannot praise this team enough. May we get to see many more productions from Ten08 in the near future.

Keep yourself up to speed on any events they have in store by liking their FB page:




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