Release: The Travellers ; Hafi Paci Kuluri

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They gave us simplicity (Semplicita) , sun and rain (Xemx u Xita) and now they bestow on us Hafi Paci Kuluri.

These guys have made songs in the Maltese language sound good and current again. The Maltese language is a very rich and beautiful language but you have to pair the lyrics up with a very good melodic tune for it to sound awesome as a song with our ears so used to listening to songs in English.

The Travellers have managed to make Maltese songs cool and fresh again. Their sound is unique and you instantly know its them if you hear one of their songs, they have garnered a good fanbase and they smashed it at this years Isle of MTV on the granaries.

Lucky for us they seem to be everywhere this summer

7th July – Beland Music Festival

7th-9th July – Marsovin Summer Wine Festival

Until then bop your head, groove to the tune and feast your eyes on the music video for Hafi Paci Kuluri


The Travellers offical FB page




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