Balzunetta Towers – the cheeky cabaret written by Dr.Alfred Sant with original music by Dominic Galea, produced and directed by Sean Buhagiar.

Last night we had tickets to go to see  ‘Balzunetta Towers’, I have been hearing great reviews from friends that attended throughout this week and was looking forward to it even more.

I am one of those people that can’t ever go to London and not get tickets to see a musical. I love the way music,dance and acting combined together create this way of story telling in such an emotional and vibrant way.

Unfortunately when it comes to Malta we had a few limitations. We have amazing singers,actors and dancers on this tiny island but how many of them actually know how to master all three?

Well you know what….yesterday I was proved wrong. ‘Balzunetta Towers’ was a top notch,highly rated live show.

I cannot honestly fault anything…from the set design to the dancers to the acting ,to the singing and the live band.

The story is about Balzunetta, the Strada Stretta version of Floriana. I have actually come to know that it was actually known as the naughty sister of Strait Street. The show takes us back and forth from past to present, it’s on how Malta is slowly becoming engulfed with tower high buildings and how nothing is impossible with the buzz phrase being ‘Nirrangaw’. A very tongue in cheek dialogue and very entertaining.

The casting could not have been better and I have to bow down to Sean Buhagiar for directing them to give a 10/10 performance.


Davide Tucci has certainly proven yet again that he is not just a pretty face, I have always found it fascinating seeing an actor mastering different accents because I am sure it’s not easy and Tucci nailed it. As for Ozzy Lino what can I say… everyone knows he has the voice but acting? This is a new part of Ozzy Lino not everyone has seen before but it definitely suits him. Chris Dingli was stellar….I could not have imagined anyone better to play his role, a great balance between comedy and narration.

The blend between established and upcoming talent and between actors and singers was so perfectly thought out. Having singers like Josef Camilleri, Laura Bruno ,Samaria Bezzina ,Justin Galea along with others made the singing not sound like Karaoke…to the contrary actually the harmonies were music to my ears.

It was also a pleasure to see established artists like Peter Busuttil, Bryan Manning, Ron Briffa, Gilbert Formosa, Antonella Axisa, Manuel Cutajar Doreen Galea and Frank Tanti amongst others

Bryan Manning I never thought you would look good in feathers and pink 🙂

Mariele Zammit,Alison Abela ,Marilu Vella and Christine Francalanza are names you will want to remember as I am sure they will be a part of Malta’s finest actresses.

And last but not least the dancers ,gymnasts and choreography by Jo Butterworth… my oh my 🙂

All in all as you most probably know I’d rate this show and 11/10 and all those that have not yet gone might still have the chance to see the last run tonight.

May we be blessed with more productions on the level of Balzunetta Towers.

Thank you to Dr.Alfred Sant for putting this materpiece on paper and thank you to everyone else for bringing it to life.

Balzunetta Towers official website


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