This Saturday most of Malta was either at the MFCC or cosy at home on their sofa’s watching the MESC.

I must congratulate the PBS crew for putting on yet another marvelous show, creative director Gordon Bonello once again outdid himself – Gordon you have my full respect. Yes there were some hiccups due to technical difficulties but hey it was a live show and there are some things that you cannot control. On the whole it was a great show and great directing from Jeremy Dalli. Praise is also in order to the dancers from Annalise Dance Studio & Kinetic Dance Academy and to the very talented and charismatic host Colin Fitz.

16 artists performed their songs to their utmost…some shined more than others but they all proved that they deserved to be on that stage.

In competitions like these however there could only be 1 winner and this year Christabelle will be holding the torch to light the way to Lisbon in May.

Christabelle has come a long way from the day I first met her. She was a young girl taking part in the JESC back in around 2005 and was a guest along with other singers on the show REDtv hosted by Peter Busuttil. She has nurtured her talent and found a musical identity which suits her very well. Taboo is one of those songs that instantly pulls you in and the message behind the lyrics is meaningful (tackling mental illness) compared to the usual love themes (which I don’t mind at all either). It gave me the same vibe that Loreen’s Euphoria gave me the first time I heard it. I am looking forward to see the music video for Taboo as I am sure it will be a very creative and captivating work of art.

Good Luck Christabelle to you and your team, may this journey be a magical one for you and let this be only a stepping stone and not the peak of your career. The sky is the limit.






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