This week I present to you not 1 but 4 upcoming talents.

Jessica, Nicole Frendo, Nicole Falzon and Dan are the finalists of this year’s edition of local tv talent show ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ hosted by Christine Haber and being aired on Net Tv every Sunday.

The 4 hopefuls are competing for the final prize which will include 1000 Euro in cash, a production of an original song, 500 Euro voucher from Chic Med Aesthetic, a goodie bag from Max Factor worth of 200 Euros, a Chi hair product hamper, a handprint at the Baystreet Complex walk of fame, a photo shoot from The Fotografer Fgura , custom made outfit by Gaetano as well as a trophy, a gig at the Londoner’s pub at Smart City and a scholarship at Stagecoach Malta. That’s a lot of prizes 🙂

They now have 2 more shows to go:

On Sunday 20th May the finalists from section 1 and section 2 will be competing against each other.  They will be adding on to the points they have already acquired.
Each singer will sing 2 songs. A duet with an established singer as well as a solo.
There are 4 judges: Ray Mangion, Moira Stafrace, Dj Toby and Marilanda Majello.
They can give up to 10 points each for every performance.
Renowned fashion designer Gaetano will also be putting his 2 cents on the singers’ look.
However this will not be awarded any points.
The Alison white dancers will also be performing during the show.
The grand finale will be aired on Sunday 27th May where each singer will perform a song with one of the singers that was a part of the competition and another solo.
Until then here are a few clips of the final 4 🙂







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