This Thursday 10.05.18 Christabelle will be taking the stage to perform her entry for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest being held in Lisbon. Year after year whether we care to admit it or not 99% of Malta and Gozo will be watching and keeping their fingers crossed that Malta is called out as one of the finalists for Saturday’s show.

Christabelle and the PBS team have been working tirelessly ever since Taboo was announced as the winner back in February and it shows.

The video was an exceptional one, very artistic, carefully thought /planned and gorgeously executed. I honestly wouldn’t expect anything less from Gordon Bonello and his team.

These past few days Christabelle and her team have been super busy promoting and rehearsing their performance and honestly the staging is the best we’ve ever had for a Maltese entry. It looks modern, professional and very artistic and that is just the tip of the iceberg so far as I have no doubt it will look ten times better when we see the actual performance on the night as the camera shots will give it a whole new and different dimension.

So for all those out there criticizing online that the stage is too dark or that there aren’t enough dancers and so on, please wait until the actual televised performance to judge and then put in your two cents. The team in Lisbon know what they are doing and the last thing they need is all this negativity. Most especially Christabelle….guys c’mon… she won with the majority of votes from both judges and televoting…let her enjoy this experience and give her the support she needs to make this a positive one, the worst feeling is knowing that your own country, the same people that brought you there don’t have your back. It’s funny how we see so much praise and no harsh criticism on social media about the other countries entries.

My advice to Christabelle (if you’re reading this) is, enjoy this experience. You have been working to get here for a while, now is the time and chance to show the millions of viewers around the world who Christabelle is. Remember that this is a competition and you have no control over the result. The most important thing is that you remain focused to give your best performance on that stage throughout those 3 minutes. Taboo is your and your team’s baby. Make yourself proud over and above anything else. Learn from this experience. Don’t let Eurovison be the peak of your career but a stepping stone in a long musical journey. I wish you and your team the best of luck.

In the meantime here are snippets of the first 2 rehearsals;




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