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There was a point in time in the local music scene where upcoming artists were only interested in the Eurovison selection and most of the songs they sung were written and composed by a group of songwriters associated with the festival.

I can fully understand their point of view in a way as love it or hate it the festival is one of the, if not THE most watched event on television after L-Istrina and it can give a good boost to any new talent and make them a household name for that year, but let’s face it who (apart from the hardcore EV fans) will remember the song after the festival? and what happens when you don’t make it for the selection the following year? People will forget you…it’s only the winner that will be remembered and even they have a ‘Shelf Life’ sometimes. It’s kind of like when we watch all these talent contests like X-Factor,the voice etc. Unless you make a great comeback after the show, there is no way that you’ll get far.

So honestly it’s a breath of fresh air to see all these new upcoming talent releasing original material from the get go and their debut singles show potential. They are not the kind of songs that make the artist a one hit wonder, not the kind of songs that you listen to them a couple of times and get bored. They are the kind of songs that you can listen to in a few years time and still think it’s a great track. They are the kind of artists that are establishing their sound and their uniqueness and not just playing around

Ever since I started this blog I have been discovering some great new talent and I believe that with the right exposure and with the right guidance these artists can have a long musical career if they work hard and take it seriously.

One artist I came across last week was Kurt Kind. He has released his debut single ‘All My sins’ which has been produced by himself and Clint Spiteri from KNTRL and former front man of Dolls For Idols.

It starts off with a beautiful haunting sound of piano, it has a hint of electronic going on throughout and the drum beats give it a cool edge (reminded me a bit of Rag n’ Bones’ Human). The lyrics can make or break a song and I think with this particular one it definitely made it. The lyrics give you something to think about. Last but least it all comes down to the artists voice and knowing what kind of music their timber is suited for and Kurt I think has for sure found his niche which is really important for an artist I think.

So here it is…see what you think and make up your own mind about it because at the end of the day that is the beauty of music…there is no black and white…just a whole lot of shades of grey 🙂




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