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Xirka Rock was founded by Lou BondiKevin Drake and friends in the summer of 2010.

The concept was apparently originally proposed as Xirka Ħbieb tar-Rock (Friends of Rock Society), and a logo with this name was produced by Duane Laus. After a discussion on Facebook, the name was soon shortened to the established version (which translates to Rock Society, and Laus created a new logo.

Xirka Rock brought together an audience of various generations who share a love for rock music in all its forms. Their set lists ranged from classic to pop rock, from unplugged to reggae, from soft to heavy rock, from rock & roll to progressive rock and more.

The Xirka Rock band featured familiar faces Peter Borg (Red Electrick), Wayne Camilleri, Lou Bondi, Chris Curmi and more. They made their debut appearance at the 2011 Great Farsons Beer Festival, various events were then organised up until 2014.

Xirka Rock I think was a success due to the fact that the gigs/events featured various singers both upcoming and established. The list included Mikaela , Matthew James Borg, Leo Stivala, Pawlu Borg Bonaci, Ira Losco, Errol Sammut, Ivan Filletti and many more.

Who knows maybe we might see a Xirka Rock event in the near future.


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