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There was a time when Malta had 2 music award shows which were the 89.7 Bay Music Awards and the Malta Music Awards. These award shows were held on a yearly basis and were held in a time where the local music scene was not booming as it is today.

I can clearly remember the accomplishment I felt when the music video I had worked tirelessly on along with my colleagues during my days with Take 2 Entertainment ‘Lucija u Samwel’ by No Bling was awarded with the ‘Best Music Video’ award at the Malta Music Awards back in 2009. It’s an exceptional feeling knowing that what you created , what you worked so hard on, has been recognized and awarded.

Artists do what they do because they have a passion for it, they create something from scratch to share with the world and pray to all the Gods that the people will react to it well. I personally do not have kids however, when you create something it’s like giving birth to your own baby…It’s something you create from within, out of thin air and no one can take that away from you. So why not get an official recognition for it?

Some might say that you don’t need an award to confirm your success but speaking for myself as someone that went on stage to receive an award, it feels bloody good and I’m sure that most artists can back me up on this. Plus I have no doubt that knowing that there are award shows, you subconsciously up your game a notch.

Seriously this country has awards for everything, from Sports to Journalism to Business but we don’t have one single award show that celebrates music, Dj’s , radio shows/hosts and music TV shows too for that matter. I mean look at how good the Fashion Awards are received, this year they celebrated their 20 year anniversary, people look forward to them year after year and the fashion industry is celebrated for a whole week leading up to the award show.

How cool would it be to have a whole music week that features local talent; upcoming artists, established artists, Dj’s, musical theatre shows (that are recently gaining popularity) and radio hosts. The only thing I would change from previous editions would be to have the acts perform live and not lip sync as it loses the whole vibe of it all.

So my question is this; Why don’t we have at least ONE award show that celebrates, gives recognition and promotes the local music scene in which artists work their asses off throughout the year? I have no doubt that it would be as big as the Fashion Awards have come to be.


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