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I always say that an artist needs to have a great team behind him/her to be on the road to success. From songwriters, producers, music video directors/editors to musicians and the list goes on and on. There is also one element in that recipe that is sometimes the least used and that is someone taking care of your image. It might sound a bit superficial yes but an artist’s image goes a long way in this business especially when it comes to stage performances.

For a good number of local artists the go to person right now is the extremely talented Gaetano. This guy is so so talented, his dresses are a master piece and look absolutely stunning on stage and make every artist look like a million bucks. His creations have been worn by Petra, Claudia Faniello, Marilena and Larissa to name a few. And the best thing about him as that he is such a humble human being.

This Saturday Gaetano will be showing off his roots with an event being held in Hamrun infront on the San Gaetano Church which is a wonderful idea. It will be a night brimming with arts , fashion and music.

Those attending (anyone can attend- its a free for all event) will be in for a treat with fashion shows by, JB Stores, RC Stilletti and Gaetano’s latest gorgeous ‘Legacy’ collection. There will also be perfomances by Petra, Janice Mangion, Marilena Gauci, Dario Bezzina, Miriana Conte, Sarah, Michela, Vanessa, Deborah C and Sebastian Callejja.

So this Saturday make sure you head down to Hamrun and get your glam on 🙂







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