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Back in January it was announced that the charismatic and talented Joe Roscoe was to be the new frontman of Red Electrick and from then on there was no looking back. From jet setting to the Unites States and Bilboa to electrifying the Maltese and Gozitan crowds, these past few months have been an exhilarating ride for these 5 guys and who the heck is rek? is no longer a question but has become an anthem.

Throughout the summer, crowds have been swaying their hips to their music underneath the sky at their various performances around the islands, from full blown electric sets to more intimate acoustic shows.

The release of ‘Right Here’ showed their fans that they were here to stay and ‘G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S’ just made that message even stronger, with both tracks dominating the local music charts for weeks on end. Their hard work and passion for what they do shows in their music and not even the sky is the limit for Joe, Peter, Ivan, Aleandro and Robert.

On the 13th of October get ready to feel young again at the Teatru Rjal in Valletta at the Red Electrick concert which will feature special guests Ivan Grech (Wintermoods), Brooke, Eliza (Tribali), Kevin Paul Calleja, Raquela Dalli Gonzi, Norbert, Wayne Camilleri and Oxygyn.

REK18_Profile Cover

Tickets are available from – hurry, they are in limited supply! So, pick up the phone, call your friends and get ready to shake and experience what Red Electrick are all about – an electrifying musical journey that will keep you wanting more.

For more info and details on the concert and all that Red Electrick is up to you can follow them on social media;


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