Yet another Rockestra edition has come and gone. Once again I had the privilege to be a small part of this grand team working backstage with the talented awesome guys I have known and worked with since my teenage years when I first started off working in the media industry (Chris, Kris, Maurizio and Jean; I consider you guys my older brothers)

First of all I have to praise Mro.Sigmund Mifsud and Paul Borg Bonaci for their spectacular artistic vision. You guys never fail to deliver and I have no doubt that Pawlu’s presence and infectious smile will be missed in future editions (hoping for the best that there will be a 2019 edition), Sigmund you made no grand entrance this year but instead reminded people out there what a talented musician you are.

Mro Aurelio Belli ; the king of musical arrangements. It always amazes me how he manages to arrange ANY song to sound as good as it does with the Orchestra. Every time I heard the songs being played they gave me goosebumps and a feeling only live music can give you.

The opening act Relikc warmed up the crowd and funked it up exceptionally. The crowd were prepped well to what was to be yet another unforgettable night. Guys you rocked that stage.

As for the main acts….I can’t think of a good enough word to describe these singers. All the performers were amazing both on and off stage. These bunch of artists are undeniably talented yet they are so humble and honestly that is 1 major trait that I admire and respect.

Leo Stivala…your powerful voice always leaves me in awe…an old school rock soul that demands presence on stage and well…you did just that!

Martina, Tiziana, Mikaela and Lara – coolest rock chick’s in town, you made sure to rock MFCC like a hurricane.

Kenneth Calleja, Frank Calleja, Jordan, Chris Grech and Paul Sky – you come alive on that stage and make the audience come alive with you. You are ROCKSTARS (without the EGO- thank God for that)

Brendan Jackson and Konrad Pule – I have been a fan since your first releases as Eve Ransom and Scar respectively. I just love your voices. You guys delivered yet again.

Raquela you once again gave me goosebumps all throughout your performance but this year your flawless high notes were just mesmerizing. Diane Camenzuli you are a total bad ass. The sweetest sounding girls that just morph into forces of nature on stage.

Klinsmann you have come such a long way from the ‘She gives me wings’ days. You’re a star and I look forward to seeing more of you.

Pawlu Borg Bonaci….what can I say…apart from being a great artistic director you are also one of the best show men this island has ever seen. Your stage presence is out of this world and your enthusiasm is infectious. Mc PupaChile you were the perfect partner in crime to Pawlu…what a fun performance that was.

Joe Roscoe, Justin and Matthew James…you guys brought a magical aura with you on that stage and the crowd loved you.

Hats off to the backing vocalists and the stage coach choir lead by Abigail Brown, Maxine Aquilina and Marika Mercieca. Their harmonies and voices were the cherry on the cake to all the songs. Animae team…your harmonies and voices are a gift to the world.

Last but not least a huge applause goes to all the musicians and The Malta Philarmonic Orchestra, Rockestra is so special and unique because of you. Jay , Carlo and Corinne you gave the show a cool and colourful commentary this year and hyped up the crowd.

My utmost respect goes also to the impressive team at H.E presidents office, Elaine and Lara you are Rockestra’s wonder women 🙂 ,Olwyn Jo you are so talented and it’s an honor to be working alongside you on other projects too. Well done goes to all those involved in the sound,lights and visuals departments…everything was top notch and delivered without a hitch.

Thank you Rockestra for another memorable experience.







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