I was looking forward to watch Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s performances in this movie since I watched the first trailer and my goodness they did not disappoint. The story was beautifully transmitted and I honestly spent most of the movie bawling my eyes out…I was literally heart broken and that has not happened to me in a verrryyy long time.

The most beautiful part of this movie has got to be the soundtrack and I cannot get enough of listening to it. One of my favourites has got to be ‘Shallow’ – mainly because , as I have said over and over again I’m a sucker for the acoustic sound and so the intro had me hooked right away but also because their voices blended so well together and the melody of this tune is so beautifully connected with the lyrics. 

I actually watched this move for the 2nd time yesterday…and this morning Red Electrick’s Joe Roscoe drops a cover of ‘Shallow’ and belting out the tune with him is none other than his sister Noelle. 

A star is truly born and I am dying to hear more from this girl. Noelle please don’t shy away from the spotlight…your voice deserves to be heard 🙂

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