One year after the success of the song Warda,which reached the top of the local iTunes charts and also gained airplay on several local and international stations,Janice Mangion dropped  a brand new single, Xewqti.

For some reason her voice comes across more emotional when she sings in Maltese rather than in English. So kudos for finding her musical path which is a success for her.

With lyrics by Emil Calleja Bayliss and music by Cyprian Cassar, the song Xewqti has a social message with the aim of raising awareness against the negative use of internet, especially by bullying or harassment.

Janice says  “I felt that I should work on this song because I am extremely disappointed that we live in a society whereby from behind the computer screen, on social media, we say whatever we wish without thinking whether we’re going to hurt or affect anyone else …”

Xewqti - Janice Mangion - New Artwork.jpg


The music video was in the very capable hands of  the sought after producer Matthew Muscat-Drago.



Listen and Purchase the song here:

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