The soon to be 16 year old Luke Chappell stole a lot of girls hearts throughout his journey on the first edition of X Factor Malta. However Luke is not just a pretty face, his songwriting talent is rare to find in artists his age. Luke stood out on the show as a singer/songwriter from the very first audition by performing his own original track ‘Losing Faith In Humanity’ which had us holding our breath to listen to every lyric and got him back on the radio charts for the 2nd time.



His raw talent got him through from one stage to the other and led him to the live shows where the audience and viewers saw him transform into a more complete artist from one show to the other. His memorable performances included one of his own tracks ‘Overthinking’ and the hit track from the Suicide Squad movie ‘ Heathens’ performed on the X Factor Malta’s Semi Final.



So what’s next from Luke Chappell? Well great big things that’s for sure. X Factor was without a doubt only the beginning for this talented chap. Throughout the last couple of weeks he has been writing new material whilst also performing at a few shows.


WhatsApp Image 2019-03-08 at 08.22.44.jpeg


Over the weekend Chappell shared on his social media pages the track list of his soon to be released album ‘Cosmic Heaven’ which seems to feature some sick collabs and I believe I am NOT the only one on the edge,waiting for this album to be released.




Keep your eyes and ears open for what’s to come and make sure to follow his official FB page and official Instagram to stay tuned on all official updates 🙂


Photo by X Factor Malta



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