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Mark, Stefan, Roderick and Gabrijel formed SterjoTipi only a year and a half ago but don’t let that fool you. Their debut release ‘Belti’ became an instant hit and the follow up of ‘Tabib’ continued to build on that success with both tracks being on the local PRS chart and videos gathering over 30k views on YouTube.

Their fun vibe, catchy melodies and Maltese lyrics have them on the right path to becoming a household name on our shores.

Their latest release ‘Ħajja ta’ Xejn’ has just been released and listeners will see the band in a different light. The track has a more mature melody and the lyrics are about the fact that no matter how hard life can get, we are here for a reason and the life we live means something and has a purpose. Featuring on the single are also singers from the VocaChoir which added a beautiful harmony to the song.




SterjoTipi are working hard to release more material throughout this year and always try to make songs performed in Maltese as current as can be.



For more info on SterjoTipi, their gigs and updates make sure to follow them on all social media platforms.




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