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You don’t become a singer just by knowing how to keep a tune and you don’t become a musician just by knowing how to keep a beat or strum a few chords. It takes passion, hard work and dedication to become an artist. Red Electrick and The Travellers have proven that time and time again over the past years and it shows in the music they create and #ONE could not have happened without the determination these guys have to keep challenging themselves in all aspects

Right here is a glimpse of what went down underneath the sky at Aria last Saturday. 2 amazingly talented bands got together and made the gorgeous crowd shake and some feel young again. The night was electrified and it felt so good seeing people supporting local talent and singing along with their original songs. The local music scene has come a long way and this concert proved this on a whole other level.

Ix-xena tal-muzika m’ghandiex tkun qisa gwerra bejn il-pirati izda ghandha tkun mezz biex tressaq fil-qrib lil umani li ghandom passjoni lejn l-arti. Ejja ninghaqdu fis-semplicita, l boghod mill-kompetizzjoni u nkantaw fix-xemx u xita hafi, paci u kuluri lkoll flimkien.


Respect to Red Electrick and The Travellers for their passion and love for what they were clearly born to do.

Thank you also goes to all the local media from tv, radio and news portals that supported this event from day 1

After movie by Pyramid Pictures

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