ROCKESTRA 2019 | 28.09.19

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Now in it’s 11th year, Rockestra has become a yearly event marked on our music calendar.

Year after year the team behind Rockestra never fail to impress- The musicians at the National Orchestra become rockstars and the guest singers sing their heart out to rock anthems. Apart from the set list, another thing that I’m also curious about is what kind of entrance the artistic director and maestro Sigmund Mifsud has up his sleeve- from abseiling down on stage to zip lining through the MFCC- his entrances are always one of the show’s highlights.

The day after Santa Maria, an empty stage could be seen at Ghadira Bay and beach goers were oblivious to what the Rockestra team had in store for them. With an impressive entrance which could have easily been a scene for an action movie, Sigmund Mifsud was lowered down from an AFM Helicopter onto a boat and then eventually made his way to the beach on a jet ski and ran to the stage were the Rockestra band and a few Rockestra singers namely Martina Borg, Klinsmann, Chris Grech and Lara were ready to give beach goers a surprise concert and a taste of what the event has to offer.


Rockestra will this year be hosted on the 28th of September at MFCC in Ta’Qali. Tickets can be purchased from the MCCF Store. As always the event will be in aid of the Community Chest Fund. Make sure you grab a ticket before they sell out and get ready rock and sing your heart out.




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