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The charismatic and super energetic sister duo The New Victorians burst onto the scene around 6 years ago and became gradually a household name when they released ‘Keep me in love’ and ‘Seeker Seeker’ back in 2015.



The saying ‘triple threat’ does not even begin to describe these two. They are seriously two of the most talented, hard working people in the local industry. They dream, get to work and bring to life pieces that we are lucky enough to be able to enjoy.

Today they dropped their latest track ‘Second to none’ which will be part of the soundtrack of their new musical ‘Público’ which will be held at the Manoel Theatre between the 27th and 29th March. You can get your tickets from here



The track has such a feel good vibe to it and has the signature ‘The New Victorians’ sound we have grown to love and instantly recognise. I dare you to manage to not start singing along to the hook ”In this place everything is as it could be, as it should be” after the first few verses.  The video will also give you a teaser as to what the musical will be all about and I cannot wait to go and see this one (Well done to the creative divas at V Squared Media who were behind the music video)




I caught up with the girls for a quick chat and here is what they had to say about their past,present and future projects;


Girls you have become a synonymous name in the local music scene with your music and are now making quite an impression on the musical theater scene. How did the idea of creating musicals come about?

Thank you! It was one of those things that in hindsight was an obvious step in our path. We’ve both danced ballet most of our lives and Phil went to drama and singing lessons growing up, eventually doing a masters in musical theater at the Royal Conservatory of Glasgow. In our minds that was always a separate thing to our music and The New Victorians. But then there came a time when we thought, why don’t we just bring our love for theater and music together? And here are 🙂


Both MARA and Rave and Behave were a success both locally and internationally. How was the experience of you showcasing your work abroad?

It was great! Taking 12 people abroad with a show is always a huge task and lots of work. It’s quite a juggle – fund raising, dealing with logistics and planning journeys, whilst rehearsing and creating. We took shows to London and to Edinburgh last year and it was so rewarding. Seeing how international audiences receive your work, getting reviewed and meeting other international performers and creatives – it was an experience through which we all learned so much, and one that is so important for us artists from a small island like Malta.


VII (Sette) was a major success last year and is even nominated for various awards at the Art Council Malta Awards. Where did the inspiration come from?

2019 was the hundred year anniversary of the Sette Guigno riots. What better way to remind people of their history and legacy than a trilingual electronic-music musical with Teatru Malta, ZfinMalta and an international cast?


With 3 productions now under your belt, you’ve launched the 4th – Público. What can you tell us about this musical theatre show?

This production tells the story of the Manoel Theatre – almost three hundred years of history. We’ll be performing a brand new original musical with Teatru Malta Youth Theatre as well as with an international cast of actor-musicians. And our biggest surprise yet… audiences will enter through stage door and sit on stage whilst we’ll be performing in the stalls and boxes!


What advice would you give to anyone out there who would like to dip their toes into musical theatre or maybe would like to be part of any of your future projects?

Get in touch. Collaborate with as many people as you can. Learn, grow, watch as many different shows as you can and enjoy yourself along the way!

62068282_2337171609662998_603247608630083584_ophoto by Kris Micallef


To stay in the loop on all the projects and music The New Victorians are working on, make sure to follow them on their official Facebook and Instagram pages.

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