It’s not an easy time we are all going through right now, no one expected it and no one was prepared for it. Covid 19 shook us all to the core and the world is going through some dark days right now but we all need to come together, know that we are not alone in this and we need to try to find the silver lining in all of this.

Everyone’s normality has been turned upside down these last few weeks and a sector out of the many hit is the entertainment industry. Gigs and events have been cancelled or postponed until further notice ,which to those musicians,artists,producers,dance schools,acting schools etc out there who have managed to make a life out of music or the arts has been a nightmare.

(Note: All businesses and sectors around us have been affected and I fully understand that but this is a music blog so this piece revolves around musicians and artists)

But….creativity does not stop and sometimes the best songs come from a place of pain. I have seen various posts popping up on my social media feeds and it’s a breath of fresh air (also manages to calm down my anxiety) to see artists making the most of this lock down and still doing what they do best and that is to entertain and create magic.

Here are a few which have come my way:

Matthew James released a new track (which I think is one of the best solo tracks of his yet) | ”How we used to”


Airport Impressions released music video for their latest track ‘Why are we here’


Over the weekend there was the Lockdown Festival which was organised by 2 guys and a gal Zoe, Vegard & Keit . The idea was to get artists doing a gig from their lockdown space and a crowfunding page was set up to help out these artists. You can still contribute if you want to support these artists. Acts included were Sam Christie Dav Jr Oxygyn and The New Victorians to name a few. You can find all the live streams on the event’s official fb page


Red Electrick‘s frontman Joe Roscoe gave a jukebox live session where those tuning in sent in their song requests


The boys from The Busker  also did a live session over the weekend


News also came out last week that the Eurovision has now been officially cancelled and it seems that Destiny’s  powerhouse track ”All of my love” cannot be used to participate in the 2021 edition which is such a shame as I really believe she would have slayed with that song. Now everyone knows how big of a fan Valentina Rossi is of the Eurovision so as you can imagine she was gutted along with the rest of us, however she made this super sweet support video along with Stevel Levi Vella for Destiny by a few local artists singing ”All of my love” and this just made my day.


Dj’s have also been doing their part to keep the clubbing scene alive by streaming live sessions.

Sound Salon


Carlo Gerada


Whilst singers have been posting on their profiles/pages to give our social media newsfeed a break from all covid-19 related news and I for one am not complaining.


To all artists out there..please keep these coming cos you are the light in these times and I cannot wait for the time to come to be able to attend a concert, gig or festival and see you come alive doing what you do best 🙂 

Thank you to all those out there on the front line giving their input to keep us safe, fed and alive during this chaos… you are the real supermen and wonder women of our time. All the rest of us need to do is stay home as much as we can so that we can get through this as quickly as possible and without leaving anyone behind.

Stay safe and don’t be selfish


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