Events have been postponed, gigs cancelled and music releases mostly came to a halt. Local artists spend a lot of time and money to create music that we get to enjoy. Due to the Covid-19 situation almost all sources of income for musicians and artists has stopped too.

When all this is over I urge every music lover to support these artists to get back on their feet ,keep creating the music we all love and bring us all together to celebrate the magic they create.

The ‘Lockdown Chat’ today is with The Busker’s frontman Dario.

Behind great music is an even greater band with members that have a story to tell.

With 4 ep’s and 2 albums now under their belt, with the most recent being ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ (which won the best album award at the 2019 Lovin Music Awards) they have carved their name into the local music history. Their retro sound makes them stand out from the rest of the bands currently on the scene.

Anyone that has ever been to any of their gigs can testify that their fun vibe and love towards the music they create is infectious and leaves you wanting more from them.



Dario, you’ve been together for quite a few years now. How did The Busker form?

We started The Busker as a folk duo in 2012, it was just Jean Paul and myself. The current line up with David (bass) and Sean (saxophone) was officially formed two years later in order to expand our sound.



A song goes from pen to paper…to the rehearsal space…to the studio and eventually to live on stage. Which part of the process of a song is your favourite?

Every stage of the process is fun for a different reason.  Personally speaking, I think my favourite would have to be live performance of the song. I find that to be the culmination of the whole process. All the other steps that came before led to this moment. Even more so in our own concerts.



You released your latest track ‘Miles Away’ with a music video in the form of a short film. What does the song mean to you?

I think ‘Miles Away’ was a favourite for all of us and we all loved it for different reasons. We wanted the audience to have a cinematic experience that fits this particular track. We had the opportunity to work with local producer/director Francesca Mercieca and her amazing team.



Which of your songs would you say has the most heartfelt story behind it?

I would have to go with Maryanne from our sophomore album ‘Ladies and Gentleman’. It is about a man who had to leave his wife and newborn daughter behind to earn a living.


If you had to cover another local artist’s song, which song would you choose?

Actually we are in discussion with another local band, good friends of ours, to do a crossover cover. You will find more about which band and track we chose in the coming weeks on our Facebook page.

And finally. Your message to your fans out there during this time?

We know it is a hard time for everyone right now. Stay strong and stay positive. As George Harrison would say ‘all things must pass’. We have been working separately on new songs and we are very excited to share them with you, hopefully by this summer.




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