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We should be scared and worried about racism as we have been with the Covid19 virus. Racism and bullying are more lethal than any pandemic ever could be.

Would you refuse to be served by someone that doesn’t have the same ethnicity as you if you were on holiday abroad? Would you refuse a doctor’s intervention to save your life just because his/her skin colour is not the same as yours? We are all humans…end of story… regardless of gender,sexual orientation or skin colour.

Treat everyone the same way you would want to be treated. Think before you act or speak. Educate yourself and learn to be a decent human being! Get off your high horse and treat people with the respect they deserve.Black lives matter and for all those saying that all lives matter… yes true but these people’s fear for their lives every single day and they are being judged solely because of their skin colour. Would any of you comment that all illnesses matter when it’s breast cancer awareness month or Movember? No you wouldn’t!

Learn that you are not any better than anyone else and that the world does not revolve around you. We are on this planet for a number of years…make it count and do your best to make the world a tiny bit better and make future generations proud of their ancestors and history.

I may never fully understand but I stand.


Listen carefully to the lyrics of this new track by Ben Miller. I hope that it hits a nerve.

All profits made from this record will be donated to the BLM movements.



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