Now in it’s second week on air on TVM, Kaxxa Daqq is a new tv show aimed at educating children through music.

The show is hosted by the talented Glen Vella who is mostly known as a singer but is doing a great job hosting this one.


Along with Glen, the show also features Lulu who is mostly know as being one half of local band Xarulu’ who many do not know is a kindergarten teacher and Marylin Grima who is also a kindergarten professional. The three together are creating a daily show which is educating youngsters about and through music whilst kids can also send in their videos performing which might be chosen to be aired on one of the shows.



With all the technology surrounding children these days, I strongly believe that the arts should be implemented more into their lives and should feature more in their curriculum. This show is the perfect way to keep children entertained and educated at the same time  most especially right now when most are still being home schooled.

So make sure to tune in every day at 11:30am on TVM or if you have missed a few, you can find them on the official Kaxxa Daqq Facebook page.

Thank you to the producers of this show and Kultura Malta for creating something like this for all the youngsters out there.




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