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Toby is one of the leading Dj’s on the island and he’s been on the scene for quite a couple of years now. However for some reason I always felt that he was underrated. His tunes have great melodies and catchy hooks. Apart from his original material, he has also remixed various tracks from the likes of Ira Losco, Kristina Casolani, The Crowns, Kurt Calleja and the list goes on. To whoever says that DJ’s just play other people’s songs and are not ‘musicians’, I highly suggest you check out what a Dj’s and producer’s job entails before you speak.

Matthew Anthony on the other hand is a relatively new face on the local music scene but he is very very promising. his debut with the local public was actually in this year’s Malta Eurovision Festival with his song ‘Call 2morrow’. I was actually surprised the first time I heard it that it had actually been chosen for the festival as it’s not the kind of song that is usually branded as the ‘Eurovision’ type but rather a radio one, which is why infact it was one of the few songs that was actually given radio airplay and was even in the 89.7 bay local charts for quite a few weeks climbing up and down. I really like his image and tone of voice, I compare it a bit to ‘The Weekend’, I don’t know whether you agree with me or not.

Anyhow this post is actually regarding the new single ‘Somebody like you’ which dropped this Friday. It’s a really really really good tune and it’s got a catchy hook. Without a doubt this will be one of the tracks being played everywhere over the summer and could even be THE summer dance tune of 2018. This is why I love Toby so much, he sees the talent in upcoming artists and creates magic with them.

FYI this track is also released on all digital downloads by EMI & Sony, which is actually a very big deal for a local artist to have the backing of these kind of companies.

Toby please keep tracks like these coming and Matthew Anthony, you have a bright future ahead and look forward to hearing more releases from you 🙂

Anyway I think I’ve praised these guys enough for now…here is the video which is also a really cool one so kudos to the team behind it.


Available on itunes – Get it Here!…

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