I believe that every woman has a dark side. Ira’s double album No Sinner | No Saint depicts that perfectly.

The video for ‘Hey Now’ has just been unveiled this evening and I must say this is one of her best videos to date.

The track has a catchy hook and has a melody that makes you want to sway your hips. It’s actually one of the catchiest songs on the album.

This video though….directed by Steven Levi Vella, is on a whole other level, the visuals are so beautiful that for a second you might think the video was shot in Havana and not Malta. The creative storyline is very well executed and blends so so well with the track.

Oh and Ira…. you’ve got some mad acting skills 🙂



I’m very excited to see what the ‘Bad Habits’ video will look like now…I have no doubt that it will exceed all expectations that’s for sure.




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